Motocross Enthusiasts

Motocross Superman

Motocross is a very popular type of motorcycle racing that takes place on closed circuit tracks what consist of dirt roads, hills and mud. To motocross enthusiasts, there is nothing more exhilarating and the dirtier you are when it is over, the better!

What is Motocross?

Motocross racing is done on special types of bikes that are different from regular motorcycles in that they are crafted of lighter materials such as aluminum and range from 50 to 550 cc. Races are categorized by engine size. On average, new motocross bikes cost between a few thousand and up. For example, a new Honda CRF 450X runs about $8440, while a Suzuki DRZ costs on average $3,199.

The Perfect Motocross Bike

While some go out and purchase a new bike, a great number of motocross enthusiasts are so dedicated and committed to their sport and their bikes that many participants take pleasure and pride in building their own bikes or restoring an older bike.

Buy Your Next Motocross Bike from a Salvage Auction

One of the best places to find a motocross bike that needs a little or no work at all, at a cheap cost, is a salvage auction. Additionally, the same may be said if you are looking for a particular motocross bike for parts.
Shopping for and purchasing your next motocross bike from a salvage auction is as easy as registering online, browsing through the selection and placing a bid. Some salvage networks offer a buy now feature that allows you to bypass the bidding process. If you are a motocross enthusiast, check out a salvage auction and save yourself thousands of dollars!