Buy Salvage Harley Davidson Bikes

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Few names in American motoring are as iconic as Harley Davidson. The Wisconsin-based manufacturer has been building motorcycles for over 100 years and has attracted a dedicated and passionate fan base worldwide.

But every traditional thing comes with a price. New Harley Davidson motorcycles come at a premium value. They also maintain their resale value pretty well, so a used bike can cost a pretty penny as well. However, there is a way for a discerning buyer to purchase a used Harley Davidson motorcycle without spending a fortune. One of the cheapest ways you can get a Harley Davidson is buying a salvage Harley. You can find a great variety of repairable salvage motorcycles available for purchase on online auctions.  

Where To Find Salvage Motorcycle Auctions

The US has a large auction market for salvage autos, salvage trucks and salvage motorcycles. While traditionally only licensed dealers were able to participate in these auctions, these days regular buyers can also sign up to participate in online auctions for salvage motorcycles. Companies like Copart have thousands of auctions going simultaneously for almost every brand of motorcycle, including Harley Davidson.      

Is It Safe To Buy Salvage Motorcycles?

Mention the word “buy salvage vehicle” to someone and they almost always think of twisted metal bound for the scrap heap. But, the reality is that vehicles are written off by insurance carriers for a variety of reasons. And those reasons may include collision, flood, hail, and theft. The common issue is that the cost of repair is often close or exceeds the book value of the vehicle. At that point, the insurance company would rather pay out the claim, take the title of the motorcycle and put it up for auction. The degree of damage can go from cosmetic damage to the gas tank and fenders to the literal “nothing left but scrap metal!” In the end, the “safest” type of salvage bikes to look for is repairable salvage bikes.

As you browse salvage Harley Davidson motorcycles, ask yourself a question: what is the extent of the damages listed? Is it engine casings, the subframe, handlebars or a gas tank?  Make a list of the parts needed to fix the motorcycle. Source the parts out online – through dealers and on auction sites. Once you have the basics, you can get rough estimates on what a total cost would be by adding potential bids to parts + labor. If you are close to the cost of a used Harley Davidson motorcycle with a clean title, forget it. But if you emerge with substantial savings, then it might be worth bidding on to buy salvage bikes.

It’s Harley Time!

You have found the Harley Davidson model that you want. You can go to the auction site, and look at the inventory of bikes available. If you don’t feel like bidding right away, you can monitor current auctions to get a good idea of what the average auction price is for specific models at certain conditions. You will get an idea of how the bidding process works, and once you are comfortable, you can start the bidding until you get that dream bike of yours!

The Best Way To Find Wrecked Motorcycles For Sale

find the best wrecked motorcycles for sale

Are you looking to buy a wrecked motorcycle to repair? If you are, it’s important to know exactly where to look to find the best prices and best selection.

There are many online auto auction sites on the internet but they are not all created equal. It is important to know about fees, license requirements, bidding policies, etc.  Continue reading

Find and Fix Wrecked Motorcycles

finding and fixing wrecked motorcycles

Some people simply like repairing motorcycles more than they enjoy riding them. I myself am one of those people. I have been buying and repairing wrecked motorcycles for several years now. During that time I have found that working on a wrecked motorcycle is better for me than a new one. Once I came to that conclusion, the question I asked myself was:  Continue reading

Purchasing Wrecked Motorcycles

purchasing wrecked motorcycles for sale

If you have ever seen wrecked motorcycles for sale you might have wondered who is buying them. There are actually several reasons why someone might buy a wrecked motorcycle. The first and most common reason is to fix it. A lot of times when you see wrecked motorcycles for sale you are seeing vehicles that can still be repaired and used normally. If the motorcycle is wrecked beyond repair it may still be used for parts. The thing about buying a wrecked motorcycle to consider is, what happened to it? Just because it is considered to be wrecked does not mean it is beyond repair. Continue reading

Salvage Motorcycle Engines for Sale

salvage motorcycle engines

Finding Salvage Motorcycle Engines 

Do you have a motorcycle in need of repairs? Have you been looking for used motorcycle parts? Are you looking to replace a motorcycle engine? Buying a new engine could be expensive. Many people search for used motorcycle parts online on sites like Craigslist. If you have already checked Craigslist and haven’t found what you are looking for, a salvage motorcycle auction could be your solution. A motorcycle is given a salvage title when it is considered to be a total loss by the insurance company. This could be from an accident, a flood, or even a simple drop. In the event of something like a drop, there is a good chance the engine is still good. A salvage title motorcycle may be sitting somewhere with the engine you need. You could buy it and fix it up, or take the engine out and use it for what you need. Continue reading

Copart Broker and Buying Without a Dealer’s License

Copart Broker

Copart Broker and How to Buy from Copart Without a License is one of the best sites online for finding and buying salvage cars for sale. Their inventory is huge and they carry vehicles with salvage titles as well as clean. Their inventory consists of cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats and more. If you want to save money on your next vehicle purchase you should consider using Copart. While buying from insurance auto auctions will possibly save you money, not everyone has access to the auctions available on Copart’s site.

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