Rebel Without A Clue… Not All Salvage Motorcycles Are Junk

Salvage motorcycles. Being a rebel, a biker with a passion or just a person that doesn’t like four-wheeled vehicles can cost you a lot of money.

The dream of getting your motor runnin’, heading out on the highway, lookin’ for adventure and whatever comes your way becomes even more tangible if you find good, repairable motorcycles for sale.

salvage motorcycles
Get your motor runnin’

Cool. So You Want Me To Find Damaged Motorcycles For Sale And Then What?

Whoa. Hold your horses, Steve McQueen. You probably have a bike model in mind, correct?

You can actually go to a Copart Broker (if you want a safe and reliable place to look for repairable salvage motorcycles), find your dream bike. After you find “the one”, you register and then place preliminary bids at any time up to one hour before the start of the live auction.

Before you ask “What isCopart?”, we shall give you the answer to that right now. Founded in 1982, Copart is a provider of online vehicle auction and remarketing services in the US, Canada and the United Kingdom, which has also acquired operations in Brazil, Germany, Spain, Ireland, Finland, and the United Arab Emirates. It is open to the public. No license needed!

So, let’s say you bid and you win. You are off to a great start! Onto the next step we go!

Racing With The Wind… Not Yet

After you are declared the winner of the bidding war, you can’t just hop on your bike and take off. Actually, you can’t even turn your motorcycle on and test it. The first thing you have to do is to arrange transportation from the location to your preferred address.

This is where it gets (more) interesting. If you have any basic knowledge of how to fix motorcycles, you can save even more money. Some bikes might have been stolen and then recovered after the insurance company had settled with the owner, so even though they are considered salvage, they have little to no damage on them.

buy a salvage motorcycle
Born to be wild

It is also a good idea to find out your state’s qualifications and rules for salvage. In order to know if your bike is in good condition to be on the streets, it must pass a safety inspection to qualify as rebuilt. Most states require that inspection approval. If your rebuilt bike doesn’t get approved, then you have thousands of dollars worth of parts.

Like A True Nature’s Child With Salvage Motorcycles

If everything goes well and you finally got the approval and is ready to go, don’t forget the most important thing: your helmet.