Find Nice Salvage Motorcycles For Sale

This is a salvage bike bought from salvage resellers
Salvage motorcycles can be really awesome!

Is buying a salvage title motorcycle a good idea? This is one of the questions buyers often ask when speaking about salvage motorcycles. It can be! As long as the buyer is well informed, a purchase from a motorcycle salvage auction can be a great way to help you save lots of money and find your dream bike.

You don’t need to spend years of your life saving your hard-earned money to buy your dream motorcycle. You shouldn’t have to. Go to a salvage auction website and find the Honda, Kawasaki, Harley-Davidson, BMW, Yamaha, Triumph, Ducati or whatever catches your attention.

Lots of potential customers are looking to motorcycle salvage auctions to find repairable salvage title motorcycles for sale online. Or maybe they just want cheap parts for their bikes.

What Are The Types Of People Looking For Damaged Repairable Motorcycles For Sale Are:

  1. Bike enthusiasts looking for hard to find and rare models;
  2. People who can fix their own motorcycles;
  3. Flippers. Resellers who buy the motorcycles and flip them for a profit (very common);
  4. Like we previously mentioned, people looking for affordable spare parts;
  5. Someone who is willing to deal with some type of body damage in order to save some money.

There’s no secret! If you want a great deal, just like any purchase, do some homework, especially when you buy used stuff.

Also, it doesn’t hurt if you some mechanical knowledge. Being able to fix vehicles is a huge plus for someone wants to purchase a salvage title motorcycle or salvage cars for sale online.

In case you lack such skills, don’t worry. Many people shop for salvage title motorcycles for sale online with good results. You can take your bike to a friend with the knowledge or a trusty mechanic.

To give you all the security, the auction sites will provide you with a summary of the salvage bicycles conditions. You’ll find information such as VIN , pictures, type of damage, etc. You can do your own research as well.

Seeing the motorcycle (or any other salvage vehicle) in person is very important. We can’t stress this enough. Pictures online show part of the “story”, but a visit to the salvage yard is vital to have a satisfactory purchase. If you can’t go see the vehicles yourself, you can send an inspector on your behalf.

Salvage chopper. Find thousands of models at
When browsing through inventories, you can be surprised by the salvage bikes.

What Are The Key Factors To Consider When Buying Salvage Title Motorcycles?

  1. Why was the salvage title issued? There are many different reasons why a vehicle is deemed salvage;
  2. If it was because of damage, what kind of damage? This will influence how much you’ll spend on fixing the vehicle;
  3. What will it take to repair? Have that info before you bid, to see if it’s worth it;
  4. Where is the vehicle? Transportation is a key factor as well. You have to take the vehicle out of the yard to another location of your choice.

The Main Reasons A Bike Is Deemed Salvage:

  1. Damage estimated to be more than 70% of the motorcycle’s total worth;
  2. Stolen and recovered vehicle – Sometimes it takes a long time to recover the bike and the insurance just pays for it;
  3. Flood damage. The vehicle’s worse nightmare.

Pay attention to the title type when you deal with salvage title motorcycles.

Check The Two Main Title Type Variations When Buying Salvage Title Motorcycles:

  1. Repairable;
  2. Non-repairable/ Parts only

The aforementioned descriptions are pretty self-explanatory. Make sure you know the type of title the salvage motorcycles you are interested in have before making a bid and committing to buying the vehicles.

Now, let’s figure out a way to best find salvage title motorcycles for sale online. is the top option online when you search for salvage motorcycles for sale. They are known to be more reliable and more traditional.

They are one of the largest salvage vehicle auction websites around. Copart has an enormous catalog of repairable motorcycles for sale to choose from.

The website requires buyers to have a dealer’s license. Since many buyers are not dealers, you can use a registered Copart broker instead. After you sign up, you will be able to access the Copart auctions directly.