How to Handle a Motorcycle with a Salvage Title

used motorcyclesThere are millions of vehicles, including motorcycles, branded with salvage titles every year. The past five years has seen the number of vehicles sold at salvage auctions increase more than 50 percent, this includes salvage motorcycle sales. While many of motorcycle sales at salvage auctions are vehicles with salvage titles, some do have clean titles as well. It is important to know how to deal with a salvage title so that you can make sure that you can register and insure the motorcycle you buy. The last thing you want is a salvage title getting in the way of bidding on cheap motorcycles and getting that motorcycle you would not be able to afford otherwise. Buying a used motorcycle from a dealer or private seller will cost much more than you would spend on any of the Suzuki motorcycles or Harley motorcycles for sale at a salvage auction. You can find many motorcycles on sale at the sister site to,, from Copart auctions. For instance, if you find a Harley Davidson for sale that you are interested in, you can simply click the description and it will give you not only photos and information about the Harley for sale, but the location and status of the title as well.

When you purchase a motorcycle with a salvage title, in most states, you can transfer the title and register it after it has passed a safety inspection. The only problem you may encounter is with your insurance company. Some insurance companies will not insure a motorcycle with a salvage title as it is too much of a risk. If your insurance company is one of these, you can simply take the motorcycle and have it inspected, and if it is deemed safe and road worthy, you can have the title reissued as a “rebuilt” motorcycle. This should make it no problem to insure with full coverage insurance through most insurance companies. It will also make it easier for you to sell if down the road, you find other Harley Davidson motorcycles for sale at, and you want to upgrade. Keep in mind, this information on salvage titles is general information and your state may have different laws or regulations, so make sure before you purchase a motorcycle with a salvage title, you contact your local DMV for the specific rules for your state.