Find and Fix Wrecked Motorcycles

finding and fixing wrecked motorcycles

Some people simply like repairing motorcycles more than they enjoy riding them. I myself am one of those people. I have been buying and repairing wrecked motorcycles for several years now. During that time I have found that working on a wrecked motorcycle is better for me than a new one. Once I came to that conclusion, the question I asked myself was: 

Where Do I Find Wrecked Motorcycles For Sale?

The answer was more simple than I thought: salvage motorcycle auctions. Salvage motorcycle auctions give you the choice of just about any make and model. The options will range from undamaged motorcycles to damaged beyond repair. Depending on what your goals are you will want to find something that fits your needs.

When looking to find wrecked motorcycles for sale I look for the bikes that are damaged but still repairable. Often, I have found wrecked motorcycles online that were simply missing a few parts. Finding and replacing those parts is easy .Once you have tracked down the parts you need and repair the motorcycle you may be in the position to sell it for a profit. Some people do this routinely as a source of extra income and some do it more as a hobby. Either way, buying wrecked motorcycles for sale from insurance auto auctions to repair is more common than you might expect.

Can You Resell a Repaired Salvage Title Motorcycle?

yes you can insure wrecked motorcycles

The answer to this questions is yes! You can sell a repaired salvage title motorcycle. There are no laws in place preventing you from reselling a motorcycle with a salvage title. Obviously, you will want to make sure that the new buyer is aware of the salvage title. A new buyer will even be able to get the motorcycle insured once it is repaired and undergoes an inspection. If you repair the motorcycle before selling they will only need to have it inspected to have the title rebuilt. 

Using non-repairable salvage title motorcycles for parts

In the event that you already have a motorcycle you are repairing but you are in need of salvage motorcycle parts, a non-repairable salvage title motorcycle may be a good option for you. Some broken motorcycles still have working parts. If you need a part that is hard to find or costly, it may be worth buying a broken motorcycle to extract the part you need. I have seen cases where a broken motorcycle with a part I needed cost significantly less than it would have cost me for just the part alone. There have also been times where I simply could not track down a part I needed anywhere outside of a salvage motorcycle auction.

Where To Buy Damaged Repairable Motorcycles For Sale

There are many sites to chose from but you can not go wrong when you use a registered Copart broker. They have the largest inventory to chose from and you will also be able to find something nearby. It is important that the motorcycles you bid on are nearby. You will want to visit them in person before placing a bid. If you visit the motorcycle in person you will be able to inspect it yourself or have a professional talk a look as well. This will ensure there are no hidden issues or extra problems with the bike you are unaware of. Copart salvage motorcycles come in all variations. Have a look at their inventory to see if they have the motorcycle you want and good luck!