Born to Ride Safely in the Winter: Winter Motorcycle Safety Tips

motorcyclist in winter
Most motorcycle riders in northern climates store their bikes in the winter. However, for determined riders or for those times of necessity, follow a few simple tips to ride safely.


Year-round, appropriate clothing aids safe riding, and winter is no exception. Whatever your brand preference, wear underwear and outerwear designed for frigid temperatures, not for looking “cool.” Invest in warm gloves, socks, boots, and a jacket. Especially if your trip is long, layer for comfort as you ride. Plus, make sure your helmet is adequately ventilated to prevent fogging up.


Check your tire treads. If you have any doubt at all about tire tread, invest in good tires before you ride off into the icy, salty, pot-holed roads of winter. In addition, check the tire pressure frequently, as tires will warm up and cool off more quickly in colder conditions. Also, make sure your brakes are solid. Don’t forget anti-fog spray for your mirrors to maintain good visibility in all directions.


Be aware of the weather forecast and try not to ride if precipitation or high winds are predicted. Ride more conservatively, keeping more distance from other vehicles and allowing longer braking times. If you are on a longer ride, allow the extra time for “warm stops” to keep the blood circulating and for fluids for the human machine.

So whether your other transportation is out of commission or you can’t wait for spring to get your motor running, ride warmly and wisely!