Buy A Salvage Motorcycle For Parts at Auction

Project Bike Needs Parts

Harley Davidson Salvage Title For Parts Only
Parts-only Harley

So you have that project bike that you are repairing or customizing. You might have bought a frame at an auction site or Craigslist, or perhaps you have a motorcycle sitting at home that needs serious fixing. What’s stopping you is the laundry list of parts you need to get it going.

Where can you find the parts for completing it? You could go to dealerships. Parts for motorcycles as varied as Harley Davidson and Ducati can be very pricey. Online sites such as Craigslist and eBay can be helpful, as can salvage yards. But, you can get quickly overwhelmed and find yourself over budget. You might be better off simply by buying an entire bike for parts. A great option is buying a salvage motorcycle for parts at auction.

Buying A Salvage Motorcycle For Parts At Auction?

Buying an entire bike, that is largely complete, has its advantages under many scenarios. Let’s say you have a pretty straight frame. You could buy a motorcycle with a bent frame, but with its tank, seat, engine and front forks intact. A bike with a solid frame could be a good starting point to repair one with a warped frame that you have sitting in the garage. Or you could buy a bike solely for its engine.

Salvage 2000 Honda CBR600 at auction
Honda CBR 600 with burned engine


Then there are the costs involved. After bids, fees, and transportation, it still could be more cost-effective to buy a parts bike, than buying new and used replacement parts. A seat for a 2000 Honda CBR600 can easily cost $100 dollars on eBay. Yet, you can find decent condition CBR600’s at auctions for under 2000 dollars, with a lot of critical parts in good shape. You can always sell off what you have left and make some money back.


Depending on your needs, buying a salvage motorcycle for parts could be a great option. The more parts you need, the better it is to have a source of parts right near your work area. Plus, you have the advantage of getting some cash back by selling parts. So, get going by looking for those potential part bikes here. Good luck!