Riding Clubs

Motorcycle riding clubs generally are based upon one of several factors. Geographic location, type of riding and type of motorcycle often times determine the types of clubs that are created to support the riding activities done by group members. Finding a riding club generally will involve a search based on one of those kinds of categories.

Finding Geographic-Based Clubs

One of the best ways to find suitable riding clubs in a particular city or area is to visit local motorcycle dealerships, repair shops and parts suppliers. Many times, there will be postings about local club activities and possibly a club newsletter available that gives a good idea regarding what a club is about as well as its membership. Shop employees also might have information about local clubs that could be suitable.

Finding Bike-Specific Clubs

Just about every type of motorcycle has a club for it so that members can organize local rides, regional rallies and share tech and maintenance info. The Harley-Owners Group is a prime example of such as club as are the Gold Wing Road Riders Association and the Vulcan Riders and Owners Club. Internet searches of clubs based on the make and model of motorcycles often times will reveal several potential clubs and information on each.

Finding Clubs Based on Riding Type

Whether riding a touring bike, dirt sport, sport bike, cruiser or other type of motorcycle, there likely is a local club devoted to that kind of riding. The best way to find out about such clubs is to visit events catering to that kind of riding, whether it is motocross races, road races or popular “bike night” events. The motorcycle shops that service the various types of bikes also are excellent resources for locating clubs based on types of riding.